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Please note that I typically require 24hrs. advanced notice for new clients. Existing clients can bypass this page and contact me directly on my private phone or email address for same day or future bookings.

How to Submit your Verification Information

You can submit your verification information (VI for short) through my SSL secured Booking Request Form, via email, or you can text my booking phone number.  Please make sure you have read my website in its entirety before booking an appointment with me. Until I have received all of the requested information I cannot confirm an appointment with you. If you have not done so yet, please take a moment to review my Getting Acquainted , Etiquette, and Investments pages before contacting me.


Rest assured that this is an SSL Encrypted form. Your information will not be sold or shared and is used for screening purposes only, it will be deleted once you are confirmed. I, Mia Isabelle Anderson, personally review the submissions (I am the sole webmaster), thus you can be confident that all of your information will be handled with the utmost discretion and professionalism. 

Please complete the form below, or you may email or SMS the information.

Note: Any texts or emails containing vulgar language, requests for sexual activity, or questions that can be answered by reading my site or any other offensive or disrespectful content will be ignored and you will be blocked from all further contact.

Verification Options

Click the below buttons to view option details. Once you find the best option for yourself, proceed below to submit the information via email, SMS, or SSL encrypted form.

You may verify your identity via your P411 account.

Look for me listed as "miaforme" on P411 and submit your request there. You are not required to submit your information using this form, email, or text if you are a current Preferred 411 member in good standing!

Enter the website URLs of at least 3 providers that you have seen within the past 6 months. Email addresses, especially gmail or other free email addresses, will not be accepted.


Verify your identity by:

1. Emailing a copy of your government-issued ID (driver’s license or passport, address information may be censored) to booking All images will be deleted immediately after verification.

2. Email or enter below the link to your LinkedIn profile.

You may verify your identity via your employment information.

Please provide the following information; Business Name, Main phone number (through operator) that I can be connected to your office line, Story to give receptionist/operator (ex: Am I dry cleaning? Auto repair calling with appointment reminder? etc...). I will dial through to reach you at your desk long enough to say "You are approved, thank you" and I will then disconnect the line. 

You may verify your identity via 15 minute meeting at a coffee shop or other establishment. We will meet a an agreed location for a brief meeting. Starting at $100 with increase in rate for travel times outside of my normal territory.

Send VI with Email

Select one of the 5 verification options listed above, then provide the required information for that option in an email to me using the button below to launch your email editor.


Send VI with SMS

Select one of the 5 verification options listed above, then provide the required information for that option in a text message using the button below to launch your SMS app.


Send VI with SSL Encrypted Form

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