Is that really you in the photos?

Absolutely! All of the photos on my website are of me and no other person, taken within the past year. Because I am an independent private model companion, you don’t have to worry about the “bait-and-switch” tactics many agencies try to pull on their clients. These pictures are 100% me and only me!

Are your photos accurate?

My photos have been taken within the past year. I add new photos to my social media (links in the left menu) every week for you to see my most updated appearance. Please note that I do edit my tattoo on my lower back in my photos for privacy reasons. If a tattoo is too distracting for you, I am able to cover it with cosmetics with advanced notice.

Why do you blur your face in your photos?

I blur my face for my privacy and safety, as well as for yours. I know that upon meeting me you will be quite happy with my looks, so do not fret that I am blurring them to hide any unattractive features. I have a very attractive exotic model look that is easy to remember, therefore it is best for both of us that my identity is not revealed through my photos on this website or anywhere.

Are your rates negotiable?

My rates are absolutely non-negotiable. If you find that my rates are too high for your budget, I kindly ask that you find a model that is within your budget.

What is your Incall Policy?

New clients are required to make a $100 deposit IN ADDITION TO MY NORMAL RATE via crypto, cashapp, or gift card. This fee is for me to secure accommodations at a reputable lodging establishment. For future rendezvous, this deposit will not be required for appointments held at my private residence.

If in the event you need to cancel with at least 24 hours notice I will refund your deposit or I can reserve it for a future rebooking. If I need to cancel at anytime, I will fully refund your deposit. 

What is your cancellation policy?

I understand life gets in the way sometimes. If you cancel with at least 24 hours notice, you can rebook with me at no charge. If you provide less than 24 hours notice, depending on the circumstances and our familiarity, you may forfeit any deposit you have made, and additionally to rebook with me in the future may require a (larger) deposit.

Are you discreet?

I as you value discretion and operate with that value in mind in all of my activities. I alone process your screening information, no other eyes will see it and the information is not stored electronically once you have been approved. Additionally, I do not discuss any of my private modeling projects with anyone, and I ask that you do not discuss our engagement as well. You may notice that I do not have reviews, as it is a policy of mine to not engage in public discussion of my private engagements. Astute and seasoned gentlemen shall understand quite well the expectations of our engagement, and will understand that both myself and he shall appropriately reciprocate the same considerations in regards to the nature of the encounter. While I do participate in social media I am careful not to discuss anything regarding my private clients in an open forum, nor do I discuss anything notable in private (direct) messages.

How will you dress when we meet?

What I wear will partly depend on your plans, and can also be modified upon your request. Being a model, I have an extensive wardrobe and can dress anywhere from a business suit to slinky sexy trendy cocktail dress, to jeans and a t-shirt or swimsuit. If you would like to see me in a certain outfit please ask, and if you have spied an outfit in a store then by all means feel free to bring it with you for me to wear for you (please see my policy on gift giving on the Etiquette page).

What is your travel policy?

With sufficient notice I can join you most anywhere in the world. I do prefer to book travel with friends I am already acquainted with though. If we have not previously met, we will need to communicate via email and phone to verify our compatibility prior to booking. All travel booking does require a 50% deposit, along with all expenses including air, uber, and hotel fees advanced by you to me for me to set the reservations.

Will you send me more pictures of you?

If you would like to see more photos than what I have on this site, you can join my LoyalFans to see more pictures of me. You can also buy custom photos and videos on LoyalFans.

May I take photographs/video/audio of you?

Photographs, video, or audio recordings of my modeling sessions are not permitted. Please do not have any type of image capturing equipment present whether visible or not. See more about my policy on photography on my Etiquette page.

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

I have one tattoo on my lower back. Only my ears are pierced. I cannot send you any pictures of my tattoo.

Do you take same-day appointments?

Same day appointments are available for established friends, although they cannot all be accommodated, I will do my best to meet the same day. If we have not met previously, at least 24 hrs notice is suggested to schedule an appointment so as to give me ample time to confirm your verification information and make any studio reservations required.

May I present you with a thoughtful gift?

I love surprises! Of course I will accept your gift. Visit my Wishlist page if you need inspiration for your shopping selection, including my sizes and other pertinent information. Please be sure to review my policy on gift giving on my Etiquette page before presenting me with any lovelies.